Thank you very much for getting in touch with us regarding 'Christmas Night' by 'The Bliss Magnets'. We love new music and are keen to promote fresh releases. And, what a lovely song, I really enjoyed it. We will be happy to include it on our playlist.” - Peter Graham - Station Producer

UK Radio - Your Christmas Station - Irresistibly Romantic Christmas Radio From AllHeart Radio

Good news! SimLiveRadio has shared The Bliss Magnets,"Christmas Night". This is now in our daily rotation.” - David from Sim Live Radio

Germany - Sim Live Radio

Thanks for getting in touch, we will play this for you. Many thanks, David.” - David Baker - Programme Editor

Radio Snowflake - Dublin, Ireland

Another solid track, this time from - especially like the chorus”

Christmas Underground Blog

I love it, and we're in the midst of our "Christmas Playlist", so I'll gladly add this. More than happy to support Indie Artists. Thanks again for sending!” - Brad

WNYK - Nyack College Radio

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